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Matt Lunsford


Champaign, IL

Grew up on a skateboard in the late 80s/early 90s. Been doing this thing for nearly 20 years... and can be pretty accurately described as the glue that sticks it all together. I dig being outside, nerdy tech stuff, and hanging out with my wife and co-founder Darcie and our three boys: Simon, Miles, and Walt.

Seth Hubbard

Label Director

Berkeley, CA

The undisputed King of Email at PV. When not at work I am most likely playing basketball, cooking or binge watching shows on my couch. Give me a high quality record sleeve, a good iced coffee and a Mondo Boys mix on the stereo and I am happy as a clam.

Mark Kenny

Director of Sales

New York, NY

I’ve been at Polyvinyl since 2004. Besides working for an amazing record label and living in NYC, I also enjoy yoga, meditation, and playing the drums.

Chris Hassen

Director of Operations

Champaign, IL

I have one wife, one daughter, one cat, and 127 books on my to-read list.

Sara Chabot

Customer Service & Senior Order Manager

Champaign, IL

Originally from C-U, I came back for good after moving away on three separate occasions. Being entertained while consuming beverages is apparently my thing - books, beer, coffee, music, wine, movies, and TV - doesn't really matter which happens with which. Outside of work, my life revolves around my friends, my family, and my dudes - Dan, Charlie, and Flynn. One of them is my husband, the other two are cats.

Andy De Santis

Marketing Director

Portland, OR

As Marketing Director for Polyvinyl, I get to spend each day telling as many people as possible how amazing our bands are! Not bad huh? I also get to drink a bunch of coffee and bug Seth and Sean on Slack all day, mostly about cool gifs I find online...like this one (my personal favorite). When I'm not doing Polyvinyl stuff, I enjoy hanging out with my wife & dog, skateboarding, riding bikes, taking photos, and playing music.

Tim Reynolds

Art & Design Manager

Chicago, IL

I’m Tim Reynolds, the in-house graphic designer (style coordinator). My job is to create visual content to supplement the aural content. Midwesterner, guitarist, vegetarian, underground pop punk and abstract typography.

Aaron Shults

Production Assistant & Order Manager

Champaign, IL

Hi, I'm Aaron. Originally from Peoria, came to Champaign for school and ended up staying after. I help ship orders, bookkeeping, and some production. When I'm not at PV I am playing in one of many bands or watching wrestling with my buds. Also, I'm all about that donut lifestlye.

Sean Hermann

Marketing Coordinator

Champaign, IL

Born and raised in Champaign, IL. Addicted to pizza. Lover of cats. Watcher of Netflix. Favorite things include: my wonderful fiancée, my quirky cat, and all things vinyl. When I'm not working at Polyvinyl, I run Skeletal Lightning, screen print, and eat way too many gummy bears.

Michael Thies

Tour and Promotions Manager

New York, NY

I grew up in CU, spent a little time in the UK, and am currently living in NYC with my wife. Favorite activities include keeping it real in Queens, going to shows, tea and coffee, and watching too much TV. I also play music and record sounds around my apartment. I have been with Polyvinyl since Deerhoof vs. Evil and feel very fortunate to work with so many amazing friends at PV West, HQ, and East.

Ryan Brewer

Warehouse & Order Manager
Champaign, IL

I'm Ryan, the newest member of the PV family! As you may have guessed, I am a Leo who prefers boxer briefs, but I'm also a skateboarder, sound engineer, touring musician, and backpacking enthusiast. Morning meditation is essential to me, and as a guitarist I strive to be somewhere between Andrew Kenny and Jimmy Page. Life to me is all about the slow jams and conspiracy radio shows.

Rob Wilcox

Promotions Director

Brooklyn, NY

I'm originally from Southern New Jersey, where I got my start interning for WXPN's World Café program. It was there that I crossed paths with the owner of a radio promo firm called The Syndicate, while discussing Sunday's Best (PRC-037), and landed my first job in the music industry. Years later, I took the call to go work for a major label and quickly realized it wasn't right for me. Luckily, my friends at Polyvinyl were waiting there with open arms and now here I am! I love the outdoors, a strong whiskey cocktail, and am hoping to develop a trade in woodworking. My favorite Polyvinyl release is the self-titled album from Volcano, I'm Still Excited!! and "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" by Tears For Fears is the greatest song of all time.

Alexis Funk

Finance Director
Champaign, IL

Originally from Southern Illinois. Spent some time in California and Chicago before settling in C-U a few years back. Dig hanging with my daughter, husband, cat and hens, going to shows, board games, stopping to smell practically every flower in the spring, and daydreaming about my wee chickadee hooping with me as she gets older. Strong believer that there's always room to grow.

Pilar Broggi

Office Assistant

Champaign, IL

I'm senior media and cinema studies major at the University of Illinois and when I'm not studying or working at Polyvinyl I love to go to concerts, ride my bike, read, and watch bad TV.

Eric Stanley

Mailorder Assistant

Champaign, IL

Born in the Midwest. Raised in the Southwest. Back in the Midwest. When I'm not packing that dope merch up for PV I'm usually keeping up with every TV show ever, playing my guitar somewhere, or thinking I should be outside more.