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PV Pledges

Let’s be honest — we’re extremely fortunate to make a living working with so many talented artists and helping them release all of their incredible music. Being a part of Polyvinyl often feels more like a privilege than a job.

We know not everyone is so lucky, and we also know that there are so many great people and organizations that seek to make our world a better place.

Over the years, we've taken part in numerous efforts to aid the greater good: curating a benefit compilation in the wake of a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan that still continues to raise money for the Red Cross, sponsoring the Pygmalion Festival right here in Champaign-Urbana, and participating in multiple Bandcamp-led drives to benefit the ACLU (to name a few).

But we can always do more.

And so we’re excited to introduce PV Pledges, a symbol of our ongoing commitment to help those doing great things in our local communities and greater music communities.

One day each month throughout 2018 we will be donating 10% of all mailorder revenue to a deserving cause or organization.

Here is the schedule. We will continue to update this list as more details are confirmed.

JANUARY 12 - Girls Rock! Champaign-Urbana

Girls Rock! Champaign-Urbana seeks to create a culture of positive self-esteem for girls in our community. Teaching girls how to start a band, write a song, record a track, and play a gig are simply the means by which we hope to achieve this goal, as an investment in our future.

Learn more: http://girlsrockcu.org

FEBRUARY 23 - Punk Talks

Punk Talks aims to provide free mental health assistance to bands, industry professionals, and fans while also educating and raising awareness of mental health and self-care.

You don't have to be sad to make great music.

Learn more: https://www.punktalks.org

MARCH 16 - Everytown For Gun Safety

Everytown is a movement of Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. Gun violence touches every town in America. For too long, change has been thwarted by the Washington gun lobby and by leaders who refuse to take common-sense steps that will save lives.

Everytown starts with you, and it starts in your town.

Learn more: https://everytown.org

APRIL 13 - OurMusicMyBody

OurMusicMyBody is a collaborative campaign created by Chicago-based Between Friends and Rape Victim Advocates to raise awareness about sexual harassment in the music scene.

They do this work because they believe everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe when they go to a concert or festival.

OurMusicMyBody works with festival and venue staff, musicians, and music fans alike to create fun and consensual music experiences for all.

Learn more: http://ourmusicmybody.tumblr.com

MAY 11 - MusiCares

MusiCares is an ally to the music community that provides preventative, recovery, and emergency assistance to safeguard the well-being of music people in need.

Learn more: https://www.grammy.com/musicares

JUNE 15 - Tegan and Sara Foundation

The Tegan and Sara Foundation fights for health, economic justice and representation for LGBTQ girls and women. This mission is founded on a commitment to feminism and racial, social and gender justice.

Learn more: https://www.teganandsarafoundation.org

JULY 30 - CASH Music

CASH Music is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering artists through free and open tools for the web, story-driven education, and new kinds of funding. Bottom line: we help musicians find careers that are healthy for their art and for them.

Learn more: https://cashmusic.org

AUGUST 31 - HeadCount

HeadCount is a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy by staging voter registration drives at concerts and running programs that translate the power of music into real action.

Learn more: https://headcount.org

SEPTEMBER 21 - Face the Music

Face the Music's mission is to raise awareness and understanding about addiction, provide the means for struggling addicts to get clean and sober, and to help newly recovering addicts develop the tools to maintain long-term recovery.

One means by which this is accomplished is by promoting the use of music programs as a tool to manage addiction and other mental health disorders.

Learn more: https://facethemusic.org

OCTOBER 12 - Courage Connection

Courage Connection provides housing and supportive services to individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence. We believe in the right of every person to safety and the potential of every person for success

Learn more: http://courageconnection.org

NOVEMBER 16 - Half Access

Half Access is dedicated to making live music accessible, with a database that provides accessibility info on venues to help prepare disabled folks on what to expect before arriving at a show, and which will be used to work with venues on improving accessibility in their spaces.

Learn more: http://halfaccess.org

DECEMBER 21 - Pass the Mic (Portland Meet Portland's Immigrant and Refugee Youth Music Camp)

Pass The Mic provides students with free, high-quality and culturally responsive music education and mentorship by experienced Portland musicians.

The goal of our camp is to decrease isolation and find new ways to connect youth from inside and outside of mainstream American culture, allowing room for these students to carve out their own expressive safe space and to share it in their own creative terms.

Learn more: http://www.portlandmeetportland.org/pass-the-mic