New Orleans natives Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer struck up a friendship as high school freshmen and formed Generationals in 2007 after graduating college.

Though their retro vibe bears the influence of Phil Spector's mid-century pop, Generationals' sound is wide-ranging and diverse, incorporating elements of britpop, dance and electronic music infused with rhythmic guitar lines, computer noises, RZA beats, and poppy vocals that sometimes sound like a Janet Jackson/Prince face-off.

Above all, with each release the band continues zeroing in on their strong suit: superior pop songwriting.

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  • Beggars in the House of Plenty (2:50)
    Ryan Frey & JJ Gerber
  • Days Alone (3:19)
    JJ Gerber
  • It May Get Bad When You're Lonely and Cold (3:13)
    Aaron Gentiles
  • Catahoula Man (4:06)
    Micah Gardner
  • Mythical (3:16)
    Grant Widmer
  • Turning The Screw (04:27)
    Jason Lester
  • Charlemagne (3:36)
    Erin Barry
  • Reviver (3:20)
    Daniel Kaufman
  • Gold Silver Diamond (3:25)
    Spencer Creigh
  • Say When (3:41)
    Jason Jurgens
  • Spinoza (3:33)
    Generationals & Luther Gooch
  • Put a Light On (3:44)
    Vice Cooler
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