Deerhoof Announces Live Album - Fever 121614
Deerhoof Announces Live Album - Fever 121614
Posted 09/29/2015

Happy album announce day for Deerhoof fans! Recorded from their December 16th set at the venue Fever in Tokyo, Fever 121614 is a live album that will be released October 21 in Japan and November 27 (Record Store Day Black Friday). It will be available on clear-red vinyl and will come with a full video download of the entire set.

Remember that contest for manga-style portraits the band put together? The winning submission is now a part of the album art. Neat, right? Check out the artwork on Pitchfork, and a video of "We Do Parties" taken from that same Tokyo set.

Fever 121614 Tracklist:

01 Exit Only

02 Paradise Girls

03 Let's Dance The Jet

04 Doom

05 Fresh Born

06 We Do Parties

07 Buck And Judy

08 Dummy Discards A Heart

09 Twin Killers

10 I Did Crimes For You

11 There's That Grin

12 Come See The Duck