Watch New La Sera
Watch New La Sera "High Notes" Video
Posted 01/26/2016

La Sera's new music video for "High Notes" (from upcoming album Music For Listening To Music To) debuted on Billboard today! The video was directed by Jason Lester and features Katy Goodman & Todd Wisenbaker performing in a 1960's variety show...and then some other strange things happen.

“We filmed it at a warehouse in downtown L.A. in August, and it was hot -- like, over 100 degree hot,” Goodman tells Billboard. “We had to dry our faces with towels between every shot because we were so sweaty. The concept was developed by [director] Jason Lester. It grew from a straight up ‘60s Buck Owens vibe video into a monster mash" (wait for the monsters and aliens to arrive).

Watch the video below.