Happy Rainer Maria 'S/T' release day!!
Happy Rainer Maria 'S/T' release day!!
Posted 08/18/2017

Rainer Maria's first album in 11 years is here and it's as beautiful as it is crushing. Welcome to the world, S/T. We are so very glad you exist! Listen to the full album stream below & hear for yourself what all the rage is about:

  • "S/T represents a total reinvention, and a completely successful one. Rainer Maria are, once again, one of the best bands in the world." - Stereogum
  • "...the band are still as emotionally charged and beautifully intense as ever." - Paste
  • “They sound as vibrant and self-consciously literary as ever.” - SPIN
  • "[S/T] is an absolute monster, an album that bursts with strength and conviction and enormous melodies." - Stereogum
  • "It's a pleasure to have them back, and to revel in the mere existence of their nine knotty, cathartic, enormously welcome new songs." - NPR Music
  • “The new album is called S/T — it’s not self-titled; it’s just called S/T — and its first single is a big, hypnotic, riff-driven ass-kicker called “Lower Worlds.” The song is a new look for the band; it’s got all of the strength of their old music but little of the vulnerability. It sounds fucking awesome.” - Stereogum
  • “‘Lower Worlds’ rumbles and surges at an even pace, as the vocals of De Marrais and Fischer deliver welcome jolts en route to a furious finish. It's an ideal comeback vehicle — familiar enough for those who've missed the band dearly, but fresh enough to tread new ground.” - NPR Music
  • “'Lower Worlds' is an agglomeration of all the strengths of the band’s old music, but shows apparent growth and maturity—it’s a nearly four-minute wildly intense, riff-fierce, just plain badass ballad. The song is a great ‘we’re back’ tune—it’s familiar enough for old fans and a fresh enough jolt of energy for new ones. Everything about the song is cool.” - Paste
  • "It’s a rare band that comes back sounding just as good if not better than they did when they went away, but Rainer Maria is part of that elite crew." - Stereogum
  • "S/T isn't a continuation or reprise, but a reinvention. But either way, as far as '90s Polyvinyl reboots go, this makes two hits and no misses." - Exclaim!