​Jay Som's 7
​Jay Som's 7" is out today! Listen to B-side “O.K., Meet Me Underwater”
Posted 01/26/2018

New Song Alert! Need a Jay Som pick me up? We got you covered. The Pirouette 7" is officially out today, which means you can now stream backing track “O.K., Meet Me Underwater.” Uproxx called it "a dream pop-leaning tune with some funk sprinkled in that’s driven by its propulsive rhythm section."

Paste reports –

"“O.K., Meet Me Underwater” opens with a cascading Duterte guitar line that soon drops away, supplanted by her hushed vocals, steady bass and that show-stealing percussion. The song transforms in unpredictable and exciting ways, rippling and changing like liquid."

So take their word for it and listen to this lil jammer in full, then head over to our E-Store to snag your copy on stunning yellow vinyl.