Casiokids Need Your Help!
Posted 07/12/2010

Check this out! Casiokids have been nominated to win a 1,000,000 NOK (approximately $150,000) grant from the legendary Norwegian band a-ha. The contest will see four awards, allocated to Norway's east, west, north and south, respectively. The winners will be decided through the amount of votes each band gets online. All it takes is two simple clicks! See below on how you can help Casiokids make more music!

There are two ways for you to vote.

1. Click here - 

You will need to select "Casiokids" and press the button "Stem".

Then in the next frame you'll need to enter in an email address and click "register." Don't be scared of the Norwegian! All you have to do is enter your email and you're done. (Not sure if this needs to be an existing address or not, but no confirmation seems to be needed.)

2. If the link above doesn't work, click this ARTICLE.

Scroll down to where it says STEM PÅ DIN FAVORITT HER, choose Casiokids and then register an e-mail address.

This is an amazing opportunity for Casiokids, and will make it possible for the band to record more albums and tour the world! Please help by casting your vote!

Here's a-ha talking about the talent grant in an interview with The Guardian: