Mister Heavenly


  • From L to R: Ryan Kattner, Nicholas Thorburn, Joe Plummer
    From L to R: Ryan Kattner, Nicholas Thorburn, Joe Plummer
    Photographer Credit: Dan Monick
  • From L to R: Joe Plummer, Ryan Kattner, Nicholas Thorburn
    From L to R: Joe Plummer, Ryan Kattner, Nicholas Thorburn
    Photographer Credit: Dan Monick

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"This is the wild, wonderful, and wacky world of Mister Heavenly. They have a knack for harnessing their whimsical energy while combining tight little nuggets of sound with various fragments from different styles and genres creating something entirely different that is exciting and fresh. Boxing the Moonlight is anexuberant journey through a hip musical funhouse proving that Mister Heavenly really is a super group."

Under The Radar

“Remember when indie rock was funny? These guys do.”

Rolling Stone

"The supergroup has managed to find time in their busy schedule to come together and record a stellar album of eleven dynamic songs. It is a gritty account that continues to draw from the doo-wop inspired sounds of their first album, but also adds new elements such as 60s surf rock, 70s grunge, 80s new wave rock and 90s pop."


“…They’ve crafted a far heavier, swaying and swaggering collection of ultra-catchy cabaret rock. Kattner’s gruff vocals lay a gravel bed under which Thorburn flutters about - all inside bubbles of tight, churning guitars, and some rubber-bouncing percussion. At the three musicians’ cores, though, is a knack for tight (if wacky) pop.”


"...the album’s ethos was really just to keep it interesting by recording a collection of songs that don’t get bored of themselves. And the result is songs like “Dead Duck,” which has a Nine Inch Nails-worthy grind, and “Beat Down,” which tickles you with joyful piano and pop."

Paste Magazine

"Not every band can write a Krautrock and Dr. Dre-inspired pop-rock album and make it sound cohesive. Mister Heavenly can."

NBC San Diego

"For their follow-up, the band pulls from a more diverse sonic palette loosely centered around scrappy power pop with forays into synth pop, Krautrock, and even early-'90s hip-hop beats."

All Music

"What results is a track that stalks with as much menace as fear, intimidating and anxious all at the same time without losing its dreamier textures."

Consequence of Sound on "Hammer Drop"

"...it's bouncy energy proves that this is one of the most fun musical side projects around."

Last.fm on "Beat Down"

"...a propulsive piano-driven stomp.."

Stereogum on "Beat Down"

"...they have an intestinal fortitude super power to eschew conventional rock wisdom and construct peculiar pop tunes rich in bouncy rhythms with crisp bass lines and bursts of energetic keyboards and tight guitar riffs."

Under The Radar
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  • Dead Duck (2:29)
    OMG Everywhere
  • Crazy Love, Vol. III (4:49)
    Caprice Castano & Ryan Kattner
  • Makin' Excuses (4:21)
    Jason Tippet & Nick Thorburn
  • Beat Down (3:15)
  • Hammer Drop (4:20)
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