Rainer Maria
A Better Version of Me
Jan 23, 2001

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Rainer Maria spent nearly two years writing and touring to create this transitory third album. After mastering the interplay between girl/boy vocals, A Better Version of Me saw Kaia Fischer concentrating more on guitar while Caithlin de Marrais became the primary lyricist.

With A Better Version of Me, Rainer Maria completed a dramatic arc that no one had realized was forming over the course of the previous two albums. Refusing to be pigeon-holed as "couples rock," the band consciously wrote the album as a sound of solitudes circling one another, just as the poet Rilke described.


  • 1
    Artificial Light (3:40)
  • 2
    Thought I Was (3:16)
  • 3
    Ceremony (4:20)
  • 4
    The Seven Sisters (6:11)
  • 5
    Save My Skin (5:12)
  • 6
    The Contents of Lincoln's Pockets (4:19)
  • 7
    Atropine (6:34)
  • 8
    Spit and Fire (4:28)
  • 9
    Hell and High Water (3:45)


A soaring mesh of indie-rock sounds, rough and tussled yet polished and sparkling.
Columbus Alive

Better Version is a collection of songs that's more hopeful than tortured, guitar textures that are more edgy than somber and a rhythm section that's big enough to power a full band.


This is another amazing album put out by a band that creates nothing but intensely personal music filled with passion and inner reflection.


Rainer Maria have proven that they're one of the most important artists making music today.


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