Radiation City
Animals in the Median
May 21, 2013

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Released by: Tender Loving Empire

Radiation City's second full-length, which directly preceded their Polyvinyl debut Synesthetica.

The second full length from Radiation City, Animals in the Median, features songs recorded over the span of a year in both rural Washington and urban Portland.

You can hear focused songwriting, lush arrangements, and gorgeous harmonies. You can hear the celebration and lament of a sea change year which saw the passing of matriarchs, the betrayals and betrothals of loved ones, the baring and bruising of hopeful hearts in an increasingly dangerous world.

Moreover, you can hear a band edified, coming into their own in rich and simple gesture.


  • 1
    Zombies (3:42)
  • 2
    So Long (4:00)
  • 3
    Wash Of Noise (2:17)
  • 4
    Food (3:50)
  • 5
    Foreign Bodies (3:55)
  • 6
    Wary Eyes (3:17)
  • 7
    L A Beach (2:14)
  • 8
    Entropia (1:53)
  • 9
    Buckminsterfullerene (4:22)
  • 10
    Summer Rain (4:44)
  • 11
    Lark (3:26)
  • 12
    Call Me (4:09)