Art Czars
Apr 13, 2010

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Finding it difficult to record a full album while in the midst of a heavy touring schedule behind 2009's acclaimed Post-Nothing, Japandroids devised a 7" series as a way to give something back to its fans.

Recorded during the duo's brief period of time off between tours, each two-song 7" in the five-part series will include an A-side of previously unreleased material written during the Post-Nothing sessions and a cover B-side.

In addition to the title track, Art Czars features "Racer X" -- a Big Black cover and live favorite.

Limited edition of 2000 7" sold out!


  • 1
    Art Czars (4:02)
  • 2
    Racer X (3:17)


'Art Czars' is a sneering, fuzzy garage romp.


About this fantastic new Japandroids single, 'Art Czars' - It'd be tempting to chalk this up to the inevitable post Post-Nothing leap from sounding like Drive Like Jehu to sounding like Hot Snakes, but 'Art Czars' was apparently recorded during the actual Post-Nothing sessions.

Village Voice (Sound Of The City Blog)

'Art Czars'...is a monster. Yeah, we have no idea what 'here's your money back / here's your punk rock back' is supposed to mean, but we sure do love hearing these dudes angrily chant it over some big, gleeful bashings. The perfect soundtrack for the end of your day.

New York Magazine (Vulture Blog)

Seven-inches are making a comeback in a big way. And now the hard-touring Japandroids, Vancouver's most potent sonic weapon (guaranteed to blow the roof off any club fortunate enough to host them live), will release a series of them, starting with this fist-pumping anthem to punk rock.