Rainer Maria
Nov 16, 1999

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The Atlantic EP was recorded at Pachyderm Studio (In Utero, P. J. Harvey's Rid of Me) with Look Now Look Again producer Mark Haines just a few days before the band's move to New York.

The three songs are Rainer Maria at its most intimate -- opening with grinding, jangular guitar and Pachyderm's patented open drum sound.

All tracks are exclusive to this release.

Perfectly executed.

Excellent!!! Crisp, clear angelic vocals that blend in perfect harmony with the bass. The musical accompaniment is simply enchanting. Highly recommended.

Scorpion Line

Atlantic utilizes all the frequencies in making songs breathe.


It's intelligent, subtly complex indie rock that reinvents the band without disregarding what has come before.

  • 1
    There Will Be No Night (2:53)
  • 2
    Atlantic (4:20)
  • 3
    Soul Singer (3:50)