Joe Plummer w/ Pall Jenkins
Built In Sun
Aug 7, 2015

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Released by: PIAPTK

Drummer Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Shins, Cold War Kids) performs as part of Polyvinyl artist Mister Heavenly, along with Ryan Kattner (Man Man) and Nick Thorburn (Islands).

On this album, he is joined by another stellar cast of musicians -- Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession; vocals), Richard Swift (The Shins, The Black Keys; bass), David Bazan (piano on "Winters Fall"), and Cody Votolato (The Blood Brothers, Jaguar Love; guitar on "Winters Fall" and "Live Mate").

Built In Sun in a new project from Joe Plummer, drummer for The Shins, Cold War Kids and Mister Heavenly. Joe has also produced and co-recorded an all-drum project called Hew Time, released on Joyful Noise in 2014.

Joe has played drums and percussion with Modest Mouse and The Black Heart Procession, both touring and recording over the course of 10 years.

Built In Sun started during touring breaks between The Shins Port of Morrow and Cold War Kids Hold My Home releases. Built in Sun began as an instrumental idea, with inspirations landing somewhere between John Cales Fear, the punk vibe of the Wipers and John Reis, and his favorite soundtrack-ists Jon Brion and Clint Mansell.

After the first instrumental mixes were finished (with help of from Richard Swift) he decided that the tunes and melodies just might be cool enough to ask a few of his pals to sing.

Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession) was the first. Within a day Pall sent back "John John" with solid scratch vocals. Next day, another song. Next day another song…….No use to ask anyone else. The songs came together with the addition of vocals and it felt good to again collaborate with Pall. With this, Built In Sun was complete.


  • 1
    Honeybear (2:41)
  • 2
    V (2:01)
  • 3
    13.13 (3:30)
  • 4
    Due to Rain (3:57)
  • 5
    Ok (2:52)
  • 6
    Winters Fall (2:48)
  • 7
    John John (1:45)
  • 8
    Live Mate (3:43)
  • 9
    G Nights (1:34)

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