Owen/Kevin Devine
Devinyl Splits No. 5: Owen x Kevin Devine
Dec 18, 2015

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Released by: Bad Timing Records

This is one of only a couple Owen releases not to be put out by Polyvinyl.

From Bad Timing Records:

The Devinyl Splits series marches forward with Devinyl Splits No. 5: Owen x Kevin Devine.

Owen and Kevin Devine both contribute an acoustic solo song to this release. Owen's "Critical Condition" and KevDev's "No One Says You Have To" are both beautiful songs that find their respective singer-songwriter in an intimate and familiar setting. These artists are masters at their craft, and these latest offerings only serve to affirm that notion.

Devinyl Splits is a six-part split 7" series featuring Kevin Devine and friends. Each split features one song from Kevin Devine and one song from a partner.


  • 1
    Critical Condition (Owen)
  • 2
    No One Says You Have To (Kevin Devine)