Frame and Canvas
Apr 7, 1998

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Considered by many to be the definitive Braid album, Frame and Canvas was recorded by J. Robbins (Jawbox/Burning Airlines) at Inner Ear studios in December 1997. Braid's leaner, more focused sound on the album was in direct correlation to the band's constant and prolific touring.

Braid's third album features the bombastic crowd pleaser "The New Nathan Detroits," the lovesick mathrock dance anthem "A Dozen Roses" and the shimmery mini-epic of "I Keep a Diary."


  • 1
    The New Nathan Detroits (4:17)
  • 2
    Killing A Camera (2:33)
  • 3
    Never Will Come For Us (3:31)
  • 4
    First Day Back (3:22)
  • 5
    Collect From Clark Kent (3:25)
  • 6
    Milwaukee Sky Rocket (3:12)
  • 7
    A Dozen Roses (4:15)
  • 8
    Urbana's Too Dark (3:25)
  • 9
    Consolation Prizefighter (3:13)
  • 10
    Ariel (2:37)
  • 11
    Breathe In (2:15)
  • 12
    I Keep A Diary (5:46)


The real knock-out punch, however, comes from Braid’s grown-up sense of harmony and their jaw-dropping songwriting skills.

Alternative Press

Every lyric transmits Ernest Hemingway-like romanticism; every jagged chord or meter change serves its song perfectly.

Alternative Press

These 12 songs positively reaffirm Braid's prowess as precise musicians and ace songwriters...the album has that rare ability to nurse wounds as well as to inflict them.


Frame and Canvas is a fantastic closing chapter for Braid, and they should be proud of it. It is a perfect starting point for new listeners, and will please fans of their earlier work. If you've been hesitating, hesitate no longer.

Frame and Canvas is a record that's too good to be described merely with a genre stamp. Braid here become more than another scene band. They become the scene band. Everyone else will now have to deal with being compared to them. The guitars and impassioned vocals of Frame and Canvas sound from the beginning like indie DNA

These poppy math rock and emo veterans put together very technical pop melodies, often with time changes and beautiful interlocking melodic guitar parts, fused together with yelled/sung boyish vocals...The album continues to mature throughout, providing a sense of heartbreak and sentimentality…If you are looking for emo-pop with overflowing energy and highly skilled compositions, this is for you.

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