Jul 31, 2007

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    Green with Black Smoke
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Released by: Asian Man Records

Jeff Rosenstock's band before he started releasing albums under his own name.

Speaking of, we released one of those records! It's called POST-.

Rising out of the ashes of ASOB or whatever, Bomb the Music Industry! started in 2004 with Jeff Rosenstock recording live instruments, vocals and programming drum beats in his parents' house.

Over the course of a million members, three albums, two location changes, one seven inch and a bunch of compilation tracks, the collective has gone from being misunderstood by friends and family to staggeringly slight internet buzz. This is probably because Bomb! releases all their music for free online, disguising carefully planned marketing as D.I.Y ethic. We'd like to think it's because of the music, which some reporters have incorrectly called "ethereal", "stunning musicianship" and "a masterpiece on the same level as Picasso."


  • 1
    Jobs Schmobs (1:59)
  • 2
    493 Ruth (2:44)
  • 3
    Bike Test 123 (2:38)
  • 4
    Unlimited Breadsticks, Soup And Salad Days (2:33)
  • 5
    No Rest For The Whiny (3:26)
  • 6
    25 Hour Goddamn Telethon (2:20)
  • 7
    Depression Is No Fun (2:50)
  • 8
    I Don't Love You Anymore (4:42)
  • 9
    Pizza Claus Is Coming To Town (3:12)
  • 10
    Never Trust A Man Without A Horribly Embarrassing Secret (3:55)
  • 11
    Get Warmer (6:50)
  • 12
    The Last Party (Foul) (1:17)

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