Green Cosmos
Oct 11, 2005

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  • 1
    Come See the Duck (1:06)
  • 2
    Green Cosmos (3:24)
  • 3
    Malalauma (2:26)
  • 4
    Spiral Golden Town (2:59)
  • 5
    Hot Mint Air Balloon (1:05)
  • 6
    Koneko Kitten (2:10)
  • 7
    Byun (2:14)

Green Cosmos is the hidden gem in Deerhoof's impressive catalog. This EP is full of exploration and surprise, no two songs sounding alike, and yet it remains completely controlled. The title track is a dancey number full of big beats and synth-pop.

Deerhoof make music interesting and fun, and this EP is the perfect illustration of their art.

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