Beach Slang
Here, I Made This For You (Beach Slang Mixtape Vol. I)
Oct 17, 2015

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I've always been sort of clumsy. Mostly meaning socially. That's tricky business when you've got a big, gooey heart. But, yeah, when I can't quite figure out how to say a thing to someone, I make tapes for them. I need them to really know I mean it, you know? That's what this is: me letting you know how much I mean it. Every drunk sing along, every sweaty hug, every shirt you wear, record you grab, letter you write, thing you's a really wild heart-sweller. Thank you for all of it.

For Volume I, I landed here. I mean, lots of songs mean something to me. These six mean a whole lot. I hope they will to you. If you already know them, play them loud and remember it all. If you don't, I hope they feel like something you've been waiting for.

Some people tell me I overly romanticize rock & roll. That I have too much of a dreamer head. I've never apologized for that. Nah, not even once.

Be alright,

James Alex


  • 1
    Like A Daydream (Ride) (2:59)
  • 2
    Anything, Anything (Dramarama) (3:32)
  • 3
    Too Much Kissing (Senseless Things) (3:45)
  • 4
    A Million Miles Away (The Plimsouls) (3:52)
  • 5
    Pickin' Flowers For (Best Kissers In The World) (3:16)

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