Pet Symmetry
Pets Hounds
May 19, 2015

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Released by: Asian Man Records

Pet Symmetry joined Polyvinyl for second full-length (Vision). This is their first album and showcases the band's knack for writing supremely catchy songs with a hint of humor throughout.

Chicago-based power pop trio features your daily recommended dose of infectious hooks as well as Evan Weiss (Into It. Over It., Their/They’re /There), Erik Czaja (Dowsing), and Marcus Nuccio (What Gives).


  • 1
    My Exhausted Month (Of May)
  • 2
    Give Thanks (Get Lost)
  • 3
    Go Outside (Stare at the Sun)
  • 4
    Class Action Force (Useless Tools)
  • 5
    Use Your Illusion III (Knock-Knock-Knockin' on Evan's Door)
  • 6
    Spatial Ex-Perception (No.. Sleep.. 'Til Bedtime!)
  • 7
    Aisle (Or Window)
  • 8
    Cereal Killer (Rellik Laerec)
  • 9
    Gone, Gone, Gone (Even Further Gone)
  • 10
    Salad Daze (Seein' Cred)

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