Sep 26, 2011

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Released by: No Sleep Records

Proper hit me at a time I wanted it the most. I hadn't heard a band I could really get into in what was probably a year or two. I had a few hour drive ahead of me, and because of the recommendation of a friend, decided to finally give it a shot. I was blown away. It was like I was hearing what I had always wanted a band to sound like in the genre. It is one of the few records I've listened to that captivates me from beginning to end. Every song is a banger. - Eric

From No Sleep Records:

There's something to be said about cohesiveness in music, most especially in this day and age where the art form of an album that provides the listener with an experience from start to finish is more and more becoming an antiquated concept. Evan Thomas Weiss (aka Into It. Over It.) however, who at 26 years and with his debut full length album "Proper," has attained a level of depth in his songwriting not seen by most artists throughout their entire careers.

Having written, recorded and played with an eclectic pedigree of artists such as Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start, The Progress, and Stay Ahead of the Weather, IIOI's culmination of experiences with said bands have stylistically fused together for the grand effort that is Weiss’ debut LP.

The lyrical concepts of "Proper" and it's all around aura stems from autobiographical and literal exemplifications which have taken place over the past year of Weiss' life, most of which occurring in Chicago where he now resides.

The album culminates in a heady yet straightforward melodic stew resembling Sunny Day Real Estate, Death Cab For Cutie and Dismemberment Plan to name a few, along with impassioned songwriting executed with the potency and ardor of Chuck Regan and Colin Meloy .

While not labeled as a concept album per se, the stories which form the basis of Into It. Over It.'s songs stem from Weiss' own personal experiences, but are still relatable by one theme and one theme only: Life.

"Proper" was recorded at Blacklodge Studios in Eudora, KS and co-produced by Ed Rose. The album features contributions from Nick Wakim of Stay Ahead of the Weather/CSTVT on drums and Nathan Ellis of The Casket Lottery.


  • 1
    Embracing Facts (1:54)
  • 2
    Discretion & Depressing People (2:52)
  • 3
    Fortunate Friends (3:20)
  • 4
    No Good Before Noon (1:20)
  • 5
    Write It Right (2:57)
  • 6
    Midnight: Carroll Street (4:16)
  • 7
    Connecticut Steps (3:32)
  • 8
    Staring At The Ceiling (1:52)
  • 9
    An Evening With Ramsey Beyer (2:58)
  • 10
    Where Your Nights Often End (3:04)
  • 11
    P R O P E R (3:56)
  • 12
    The Frames That Used To Greet Me (2:09)

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