Man Man
Rabbit Habits
Apr 8, 2008

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Released by: ANTI-

Man Man's Honus Honus (Ryan Kattner) is a member of Mister Heavenly. This is their 3rd album.

Part swampy juke joint brawlers, part smooth Philly warehouse doo-wop crooners, a sprinkling of wild-eyed, demon-haunted art hustler, and a hint of punky kindergarten playroom Pollyannas, Man Man bring their incomparable vision of “pop music” to bear with Rabbit Habits, their Anti- Records debut.

Having honed their legendarily exuberant live show to hypothalamus-tickling perfection opening for such indie stalwarts as Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire and Cat Power, the band has captured the fiery spirit and essence of a Man Man show and etched it into 45 minutes of the most raucous, weirdly moving, spiritually uplifting music this side of Oppenheimer’s great beyond. Stand-out tracks such as “Top Drawer” and “Big Trouble” illustrate Man Man’s ability to provoke and inspire in a single instance.


  • 1
    Mister Jung Stuffed (2:28)
  • 2
    Hurly / Burly (3:51)
  • 3
    The Ballad of Butter Beans (4:29)
  • 4
    Big Trouble (5:06)
  • 5
    Mysteries of the Universe Unraveled (0:09)
  • 6
    Doo Right (1:38)
  • 7
    Easy Eats of Dirty Doctor Galapagos (2:24)
  • 8
    Harpoon Fever (Queequeg's Playhouse) (3:20)
  • 9
    El Azteca (1:44)
  • 10
    Rabbit Habits (2:48)
  • 11
    Top Drawer (3:26)
  • 12
    Poor Jackie (8:24)
  • 13
    Whalebones (7:15)

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