Joan of Arc
So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness
Feb 4, 2003

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    • 2017 reissue.
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Released by: Jade Tree

Joan of Arc's fifth full-length album and last for Jade Tree.

Features Mike Kinsella on drums and bass.

Fifth full-length album from Joan of Arc. Companion album to In Rape Fantasy and Terror Sex We Trust.

Tim Kinsella, Joan of Arc‘s lead man, has amassed a collection of songs culled from a variety of sources – sketches begun on his computer at home and collaborations with kindred spirits from coast to coast – and given them life.

Further gussied up with help from a plethora of fellow Chicago luminaries, this is a career culmination of Joan of Arc's musical meanderings and genius in a concise, focused, and mature realization.


  • 1
    On a Bedsheet in the Breeze on the Roof (6:17)
  • 2
    The Infinite Blessed Yes (4:27)
  • 3
    Perfect Need and Perfect Completion (5:36)
  • 4
    Olivia Lost (5:17)
  • 5
    Diane Cool and Beautiful (3:44)
  • 6
    Mr. Participation Billy (2:21)
  • 7
    Mean to March (4:48)
  • 8
    Hello Goodnight Good Morning Goodbye (2:45)
  • 9
    Dead Together (4:08)
  • 10
    Madelleine Laughing (4:15)
  • 11
    Staying Alive and Lovelessness (3:08)

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