Anna Burch/Stef Chura
Oct 17, 2016

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Released by: Palm Tapes

Michigan natives Stef Chura and Anna Burch share stellar songwriting ability. Stef has been playing in her own band, and other bands, around Detroit for the past seven years, while Anna is a long time member of folk-rock band Frontier Ruckus. A strong cast of Michigan musicians back both on this highly-recommended split EP.

Stef's “Slow Motion” kicks things off; The driving energy of its guitar-crunch-rhythm compliments Chura’s punctuated, punk poet, vocal delivery creating truly exciting tension - an anthemic blast.

Anna’s “Tea-Soaked Letter” has the beauty of autumnal sunset; her song-craft and lyricism glow. And, On the stripped-down “You Bum Me Out” Burch reflects, “thanksgiving sucks / holidays are terrible / when you’re grown-up,” against finger-plucked guitar - contrasting major and minor sections to great effect, and showing her own brand of musical intrigue. It's characteristic of the excellent vocal phrasing present on both sides.


  • 1
    Slow Motion (Stef Chura)
  • 2
    Faded Heart (Stef Chura)
  • 3
    Speeding Ticket (Stef Chura)
  • 4
    Tea-Soaked Letter (Anna Burch)
  • 5
    You Bum Me Out (Anna Burch)

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