matt pond PA
Still Summer
Aug 11, 2017

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Released by: 131 Records

The final record to be released under the "matt pond PA" name.

All year round, it’s still summer. And indie rocker Matt Pond’s adventure continues. The brakes are shot, the pickup truck is rusted through and overheating. Everyone is out of their minds.

Matt Pond is not outspoken, but he loves to speak and to be spoken to. To dive into the frigid water of understanding and trust the depth. To write songs that make sense of ridiculous daily dissonance, beautifully failed relationships, of the brilliant miscalculations in an easy whisper. It’s that simple: It was all for the experience; it was all for the ride.

At around ninety-five miles an hour, the steering wheel will start to uncontrollably shake in most high-mileage, fifteen-passenger vans. At the same speed and in the same state of mind, it’s nearly impossible to navigate the murky world of music.

Since its inception in Philadelphia in 1998, Matt Pond PA has traveled a road of perpetual transformation, a shifting cast of co-pilots and collaborators defining the band’s every season.

Still Summer is Matt Pond PA's twelfth full-length album and the second Pond is releasing under his independent label, 131 Records.

“It’s not about reliving the past,” says Pond. “It’s about allowing the present to breathe. It’s about holding hands with ghosts and then letting go.”

On this album Pond features the likes of Laura Stevenson, Laura Burhenn (Mynabirds), Caroline Reese and Anya Marina. And of course there are the co-pilots, Chris Hansen, Shawn Alpay, Mel Guerison and Kyle Kelly-Yahner, right there with him.


  • 1
    A Spark (2:09)
  • 2
    Street Squirrels (3:06)
  • 3
    The Ballad of Laura and Mike (feat. Laura Stevenson) (3:43)
  • 4
    Legends After the Fall (1:41)
  • 5
    Still Summer (3:20)
  • 6
    Rabbit (3:40)
  • 7
    The Backyard (2:02)
  • 8
    Canada (feat. Mel Guerison) (3:26)
  • 9
    Legends Before the Fall (2:33)
  • 10
    The Full Stop (feat. Caroline Reese) (4:13)
  • 11
    Union Square (4:14)
  • 12
    Back to the Future (feat. Anya Marina) (2:43)
  • 13
    Last Breath (feat. Laura Burhenn) (3:32)
  • 14
    Saint Catherine's Creek (Kc three) (2:02)

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